We have been providing a better future for 30 years

GMP Costruzioni has operated in the fields of civil and industrial works, both public and private, since 1987. On the strength of its thirty-year experience, the company offers and provides products and services which show and reflect a high level of quality that pursues excellence. GMP owns an organizational, operational and project structure, which is conscious of its own role and recognizes the importance of its activities. The company has kept growing over time without neglecting the quality of the services provided - to this effect it recognizes its own social responsibility for building a better future for mankind. Creating wealth for GMP Costruzioni means not only giving something extra, but something better.

Public Construction
Private Construction
Civil Works
Road Works
River Works
Electro-instrumental Works

"Our vision is pervaded by such factors as growth, corporate development, desire and ability to improve the area by creating a great sense of involvement in social improvement, a good propensity to reinvest and the implementation of a service that may be able to meet a need in the best possible way"




More than 50 major works already delivered without any delay



company-owned earthmoving machines - and not only



SOA and UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Certifications

Latest Projects

Latest Projects Done

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