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The key principle that guides the company’s development policies is the compliance with laws and regulations. In order to incisively affirm how its strategies for growth and development are deeply rooted in a heritage of values and principles that characterize its history and carry out its action, GMP accedes to ‘Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa’ Framework Agreement, a Protocol of legality aimed at preventing deviance and opposing usury and racket, as well as promoting mutual cooperation in the fight against crime. 

GMP therefore recognizes the importance of adopting a code of ethics, which contains a set of principles that must be followed by the directors, managers and employees, as well as all those working to achieve the company’s goals, each within his own functions and responsibilities. This endowment is crucial for the success of the company and for improving the social context in which GMP operates.This code contains the principles of professionalism, entrepreneurship, legitimacy, honesty, transparency, reliability, equality, impartiality, fairness, correctness and good faith on which all the activities and behaviours of the Company, its employees and all those who cooperate in the activities must be based. All company employees are required to know the code and to contribute to comply with it. GMP monitors in any case the compliance with the Code by providing suitable tools and information, prevention, control and ensuring the transparency of the conduct implemented, and by taking, if necessary, corrective action. The Code is brought to the attention of all those with whom GMP has relations. 

In business, GMP is inspired by and complies with the principles of honesty, transparency and correctness, in full compliance with the law. Bribery, illegitimate favours, collusion and urging are prohibited without any exception. It is forbidden to make, induce or encourage false statements to Authorities. GMP undertakes to actively help promote the quality of life, the socio-economic development of the communities where GMP operates and train human resources and local skills, while conducting its own business activities according to standards that are compatible with a fair and ethical business practice. In relationships regarding tenders, procurement and, generally, the supply of goods and / or services and external co-operation, the employees are required to follow internal procedures for the selection and management of relations with suppliers and co-workers. The partners in business relations are required to adapt their behaviour in order to comply with the provisions of this Code and to behave in line with the general principles of the same. GMP ensures and promotes, among its members, the strict compliance with all organizational rules with particular regard to the prevention of the commission of crimes. The company promotes and requires their customers, suppliers, staff and the officials of the companies with which even temporary coordinated activities should be carried out to comply with all laws. At the same time it requires them to refrain from illegal conduct, ensures a valid perspective of security and in this regard it undertakes, if needed, to notify the Police and local associations, such as the Antiracket Association of Gela, which is really admired by the company, in order to ensure and promote compliance with applicable laws.

The company continuously monitors the factors mentioned, in order to ensure a high performance of the production processes which may be capable of allowing an improvement of quality of service. To do this, GMP adopts a Quality Management System certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001/2008. GMP recognizes the centrality of human resources in the belief that the key to success in any business is the contribution of the people who work in it, who are required to have professionalism, dedication, fairness, honesty and spirit of cooperation.

The company undertakes to create working conditions which are functional to the mental and physical protection of workers and it adopts criteria of merit, such as competence and professionalism, with its employees and co-workers. Staff recruitment is made based on business needs and the correspondence between the required professional profiles and the actual ones, in full compliance with equal opportunities for all individuals. 

The information required when recruiting are closely linked to the verification of professional profile as well as the verification of article 34 of the national collective labour agreement ‘Rights and obligations of staff (disciplinary measures)’, specifically: to recruit a person, the company asks him to provide the criminal records certificate and the certificate of pending proceedings. 

Company staff are hired with a standard employment contract. GMP’s activities require acquisition, keeping, processing, disclosure and dissemination of news, documents and other data regarding negotiations, administrative proceedings, financial transactions, know-how (contracts, deeds, reports, notes, studies, drawings, photographs, software, etc.) which may not be made known outside because of contractual agreements, or whose inappropriate or untimely disclosure may be detrimental to corporate interests. 

GMP undertakes to protect information concerning its customers, suppliers, employees and external collaborators and to avoid any improper use of this information. Compliance with the provisions of this Code shall be an essential part of the contractual obligations for all persons involved directly or indirectly in the company (management, employees, co-workers etc.), pursuant to the terms of the applicable law.

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